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June 1, 2012 / Michael E. Grasso

Be A Dream Catcher

Dreams seem to be a popular word these days.  I hear pastor after pastor, preaching on doing what you love, following your dreams.  It is almost like we just redefined the prosperity gospel, and swapped it out for a live your dream gospel.  Sure it sounds like a “dream come true” but in reality we are afraid, we have great doubt that we will never be able to catch our dream, and will be forever chasing it.  To truly catch your dream you have to have strong faith. 

Faith is what makes dreams come true.  But I find it all too easy to preach faith, but almost imposable to teach it.  It has to come from within the individual person.  Why is it that some people can achieve great things, and others give up?  A lack of faith.  Without faith a dream is just an unachievable aspiration.  If you truly want to become a dream catcher, work on your faith.  Can you trust God to help you make that dream come true, will you remain faithful if things don’t go as well the first time.  Faith breads faithfulness, it is this commitment to achieving something bigger then ourselves that help us become a dream catcher. 

Where is your faith, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being fully committed to your dream?  What are you doing to raise the bar?


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