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June 7, 2012 / Michael E. Grasso

What Does Your Legacy Look Like?

In a recent meeting with a mentor of mine, the topic of legacy came up.  Being a fairly young guy I personally never thought too much about my legacy.  What I was told was that your legacy starts today.  The question I was asked was “ If you could make a real difference in someone’s life by leaving them a generous legacy, what does your legacy look like?” 

This was a hard hitting question for me, I thought a lot about how I would be remembered, but then realized it is not about me.  It is really about the person who would be inheriting my legacy.  When we hear the word legacy we all too often think about how we will be remembered, but legacy is not about me, it is about moral heritage.  God placed something in us at birth that we must discover within ourselves.  It is our own foundation that we can pass on to the next generation.  So looking at the question, it could be rephrased to what does your foundation look like?  Our foundation shapes what kind of structure we leave behind, our foundation is what our legacy is built on top of. 

So what is my foundation?  Well I know that God is building within me a foundation built on biblical mentorship, I have been taught the importance of it, and have realized a great deal of passion towards it.  I would hope that someday my legacy is one that promotes, persuades, and popularize a heritage of biblical mentoring.  Because at the end of the day it is not about me, but about the many lives who will be mentored in the future.


What does your legacy look like?


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