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July 17, 2012 / Michael E. Grasso

The Battle To Win | Carl Hanson

The Battle To Win | Guest Post by Carl Hanson

A water droplet hits a calm pool and causes a ripple affect that goes outward from where it landed. A movement takes place deep within the earth and the wave of tremors makes its way to the surface. Starting from some point within the effect can be far reaching.

James asked…
“What causes QUARRELS and what causes FIGHTS among you? Is it not this, that your passions are AT WAR WITHIN YOU?” ( James 4:1 ESV)

What goes on WITHIN US can dynamically impact our interpersonal relationships with others. James went on to note the impact of selfishness both on self and others. It is the BATTLE WITHIN that needs to be conquered if we want to find peace in our relationships. How can one who is not at peace within themselves be at peace with others? When our inner selfish desires are allowed to reign on the throne of our heart, we will inevitably find ourselves in conflict not only with others, but with the Will of God as well. Though some seem to look for external causes of conflict — perhaps seeking other people or circumstances they can blame — it may be closer to home than is realized; WITHIN THEMSELVES.

When facing conflict, it is good to maintain a sense of humility. Remember, we are all imperfect beings. A good place to begin is to look to see what our part in a conflict might have been. Approaching situations from that standpoint often encourages others to be willing to admit their part as well. Even Jesus urged the dealing with self first in order to make it easier to help others. ( Matthew 7:5) When this takes place we are well on our way to victory in the relationship.

Remember James had just stated. . .
“And a harvest of righteousness is SOWN IN PEACE BY THOSE WHO MAKE PEACE.” ( James 3:18 ESV)

If we do not keep our passions under control we will find ourselves in conflict with those around us, as well as with God. Let us keep such in check by humbly dying to self and submitting more fully to the Will of God. His help in gaining VICTORY WITHIN ourselves will work wonders in bringing victory in other areas of our life as well. The BATTLE WITHIN is the battle to win! May we humbly accept God’s help in doing so!



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